I spent the most magnificent afternoon at the beach with a friend. Robert Moses SP on Long Island, a new place for me to discover, and being a Florida beach girl, I have to say I am really impressed.

A perfect beach day

A month ago tomorrow, I divorced and began a new path.  I haven’t felt happier in my life.  I am passionate about living here in New York, although I can’t see ahead of me, as in, how will this all work out. I’m really focusing to avoid “the grass is always greener” syndrome. I am in a place that is new and exciting, and for once I want to be where I’m at… In light of my one month anniversary, I include a description of the kind of relationship I left behind in hopes of bringing awareness to abusive situations:

That Woman who works harder and harder and harder at her marriage, so that her husband will “get it” and start appreciating her.

That Woman who takes on way more than her fair share, even takes on her husband’s responsibilities, thinking that she is “helping” him.

That Woman who gets thrown a bone sometimes, like a gift or affection, so she won’t leave.

That Woman who pours out love, affection and patience till she’s empty.

That Woman who is blinded by hope that things will get better, that her efforts will count for something.

That Woman who remains loyal while she gets put down and pushed away by her man.

That Woman who makes excuses for her man’s behavior, because he’s “had a rough childhood,” “stressed out,” “not feeling well.”

That Woman who cries to herself wondering why she can’t get the love she deserves.

That Woman who finally gets dumped by her man, because, funny, he doesn’t love her and wants to be “free”.

I was That Woman. Was.