I know that the subject of apples is not new to blogs, but apples are somewhat new to me- at least my outlook on them is new.  Having transplanted myself in the Northeast, I am discovering some pretty wonderful things that elaborate on and enhance my former, Floridian, exposure to apples, that being:  Granny Smiths, Red Delicious, Fuji, Gala and other regular, imported grocery store stock.
It all started when a coworker of mine in Florida, came raving about Honeycrisp apples shipped in from New York. I had never even heard the name, probably because I wasn’t interested in apples aside from my mom’s holiday homemade apple pie. Apples just seemed too ordinary, kind of boring.
I was already well-established in my practice of buying fruit in its season. It was apple season, so I gave the Honeycrisp a try, and relished it. A door began to open into the apple world, but I would only look for the Honeycrisp when shopping. At least I declared that I liked apples, but only in season.

Here in Brooklyn, I went through the thick of apple season. I helped a friend prepare her apple pie one afternoon and was introduced to the white tender flesh of a Cortland apple. My heart melted, and that door edged open a bit more. Now I was hunting for Cortlands- a bit tart, flavorful- so delicious! As I was looking for apples one day, I noticed the word “heirloom” on a tag: Ashmead’s Kernel- a blushing, antique green. I was humbled by its tart, firm meat. I understood that was the kind of apple a pie begs for, and so…. I turned out my first apple tart full of Ashmead’s Kernels. It was pretty to look at, but not so tasty as I was stingy with the sugar for some reason. But there will be more attempts, and the door is wide open for apple exploration!
So, now what’s coming in season?…