A word always associated with bears for me- brown bears, until now… 

I left sunny Florida back in July with a sunny attitude toward braving a Northeastern winter.  I imagined snowy, grey days; frosty nights around a warm table with friends.  I determined in October that I would embrace Winter and knit up several caps, scarves and gloves just in time for the temp to drop.  I noticed a shift in my energy levels- an urge to eat and sleep more.  All in stride.

Suddenly, 17 days into the season that I was determined to romanticize, I find myself sighing with loneliness, desperately craving sunnier climes, with my first cowl only almost half-way knitted.  What just happened?  I hear the term “Winter Blues”, and it sounds like a charming BB King song.  This is full-on Arctic depression.  It’s not even the cold: I have grasped the concept of dressing in layers, bundling up, wearing wool, silk and goose feathers. (I’m not saying I like it, but I got it down- ha).  The cold is not my worst enemy.  This drape of gloom over my sanity, like snow on the fields, really threw me for a loop.  The slanted sunlight that seemed so gentle and lovely, is robbing me of vital serotonin.  I knew about these things, but now I’m the victim (see what it’s done to me).  I remind myself that millions of people get through Northern winters each year, and like it.  Probably because they are Northerners, not Southerners, like moi.

Being that I am only two weeks into winter, and being that I keep hearing, “wait till February when it’s really bad”; I, with the help of family/researchers, have devised a game plan to hopefully restore and maintain my normal, generally positive, outlook on life throughout these coming winter months:

#1. Look for plane tickets to [sunny] Southern California (Ahem, just a weekend getaway to regroup). 

#2. Collect helpful items to use as pick-me-ups:  sunlamp- check, melatonin (to sleep at night and be awake during daylight hours, what a concept!)- check, dark chocolate squares (not to be eaten with melatonin)- check, calming herbal tea- check, cod liver oil for Vitamin D- check, long walks out of doors- check, silly movies- check, desperate phone calls to friends and family- check.

#3. Finish the damn cowl, so I can start knitting a cap for spring.