I’ll be 40 in a few days. The start of a new decade of life. One I’ve prepared for, 40 years worth, with especially careful attention at the end of my 30’s. I’m ready for a new start, but part of this change involves getting rid of my car. I don’t need it here in NYC, but I realize I associate my vehicle with freedom and feel anxious about selling it. I love to drive and have driven all over this blessed country. This is only the 2nd car I have ever owned. It has taken me all over between Miami and Maine; the first car carried me throughout the West- from Tijuana to Seattle, and finally back to Florida. I am a seasoned and enthusiastic road-tripper!

Knowing that my time with my car is coming to an end (my DL and tags expire on my birthday), I had to get one last trip in with my baby. A trip that would let me explore and not cost too much. Therefore, Long Island was the obvious choice- no pricey toll bridges to cross, no Manhattan traffic to contend with. I decided to aim for Montauk lighthouse- the very end of the island I now live on. After a few false starts, I finally made the trek today. It was grey and drizzly, not too cold, and not too bad for driving. I listened to my favorite c.d.’s at full volume (my car has an awesome sound system), munched on my usual road trip fare: potato chips and chocolate bars, wanting to soak up my driving “freedom” one last time.

The far end of the island is lovely. The scenery changes; the trees are more raw and wind-swept. No wonder the Hamptons are situated out there. The sea and sky were the same grey from the lookouts along the way, and it took me a moment to differentiate them. The smell of salty air and the sound of the breakers were so comforting. Montauk is historic sea life. I spent time on the rocky northern beach below the lighthouse. I have never walked a more colorful shore. The rocks are gold, orange, black, pink and lavender, and near the water they grow a bright green seaweed. The southern coast is sandier and striated with purple. I have to come back in the summer to compare.

As expected, my car did the trip without a hitch, and is parked and ready to be sold this coming week- gulp. I can’t think too much on it. There are more reasons to sell than to keep, but being a dreamer, I see myself cruising out across the country to visit my sister in California and all the things I could see along the way! It will have to wait. My car sale will allow me to stay here and keep working at my creative dream. That’s the sacrifice and pay off…

Thanks, Car, you’ve been better than great- love you, be well!

oysterpond montauklighthouse

By the way, I did finish knitting that winter cowl. Photos next time…