We did it! This has been a really fun ride. I am proud of myself for keeping up with this challenge and happy to have “met” so many cool people along the way. Thanks for this experience, All! I will be returning to my regularly scheduled program of creative pursuits, but will definitely keep up with poetry, just not every day…
My last poem for now:

Thus far, I find myself-
walking concrete
admiring windows
eye-ing lovely clothes
loving diversity
building a worthy wardrobe
craving green
rescuing pastries from a stale death
squirreling away chocolate
boiling water for tea, incessantly
dabbling in herbalism
basking in freedom
swimming in tears
piecing together a broken heart
with brand new glue
knowing what strength means
dreaming of warmth, sun
and loved ones
tossing out resentment
learning what is contentment