pumpkinbread2 lost recipe cards written in my grandmother’s hand

1 pink index card in my own handwriting

1 phone call to my mom to ask how she makes it

3 cups of whole wheat flour make it hearty

2 large baking pans/ 4 medium tins

Butter, not Crisco, for greasing them

1/2 C. buckwheat/ 1 C. sorghum, just to change it up

Ground cloves, be careful not too much

The worn and skilled hands of my great grandma, Bessie

The flat, metal Tablespoon my Grandma O used,

and her old-school flour sifter, I don’t care how much time it adds

Tediously combine dry ingredients.  Work the lumps out of the wet? Extra pumpkin mash keeps it moist.  Envision Grandma O in her airy kitchen with the window framing the frosted mountains; Bessie Badger in her apron, hair in a bun, floured countertops, linoleum covered floors, (not much left of her but posterity and lore); my Mom, quiet and nimble in her sunny kitchen, aproned and floured, walking cool tiles, lush citrus trees outside.  Sigh.  Wish I weren’t far away and alone.  Remove from the oven when bread smells done.