Water flows freely from my tap.
Water fills my tea cup over and over again.
Water fills my bath and I fill it with epsom salts.
Water lets me float and rest my weary bones of their weight.
Water makes the seashore’s calming effects.
Water makes the oceans which make the sparkling waves of my youth.
Water makes the oceans, now dark
with our pollutions
with our plastic islands
with bloody chemicals
with the carcasses of our killings.

Water, our rivers, streams and brooks.
Water, our food source, life source,
quenches our thirst.
Water, our sprinklers that water our lawns,
fertilizers and weed killers
that flow down our rivers, streams and brooks
that carry our poisons to our oceans,
that erode our majestic coral reefs into silty bones.

Water, our garbage dump.
Water, our garbage disposal.
Water, our wash it away, the eternal rinsing.

Water, which our children and grandchildren
will fight for, war for, beg for,