Steel curls tightly permed,
wrinkly hands and worn lips
of a well-used mouth.

Worried, childish, proud:
5 kids, 26 grandkids,
many great grandkids…

Church and mountains
apricot jam, buttermilk biscuits,
piles of sugar cookies, scones,
hot-cross buns at Easter,
green beans, peaches, plums,
Oil of Olay, pink porcelain,
peonies, roses, bleeding hearts, ‘mums,
extensive knowledge of trees and birds
handkerchiefs with hand-crocheted borders,
hand-tied baby blankets for each and every baby born,
water-proof towels, sugared strawberries,
cold cellar with row upon row of sealed jars

Brown eyes amongst all our blue
sawdust Thanksgiving
Dove soap
Guiding Light