italy-2220464_1920After Virgil

Oh Gods of Earth and Sky, hear our prayer.
Grant us wisdom to tend
to that which has been
bestowed upon us.
Let us be wise stewards,
give us strength and courage to be so.

As the sun looms ever hotter
and the weathers are raging or dull;
As the water in the land
is poisoned, and we drink it so;
And the land is barren of nutrients,
because, and despite of, its multitudinous crops,
and we must give it and ourselves vitamins;
it is mete to take care and caution,
to not use our water flows as garbage drains,
to stop the cycling and circulation of plastics-
of bags, packages, containers and such.
Let wrappers not fall discarded from our hands
to the Earth, even paved Earth. Leave not our cars
to idle while waiting in them. Such is foul to the air.
Let us compost our soil rich again.
Likewise, demand that solar and wind powers
be harnessed post haste, and that these
many cars and machines of dirty, greedy oil
be converted to their truth.

It is best to buy wisely those fibers and materials
that are natural to the Earth. Our very clothing
both comes from Earth and poisons Earth. As does our food.

Thus it is, that we need Earth, and she needs us, too.

Let us grow shade and plush fields,
let us cherish our soil more than gold.
May our water sparkle brighter than rubies,
emeralds, even diamonds, and not be bought or sold,
but treasured and purified, revered.
May our Earth be restored to balance
through our blessed efforts.
May our efforts keep in harmony with our Earth.